The Michigan

Posted in Uncategorized by urbanmi on February 17, 2010

At a bar in San Diego called Tivoli’s.

In this bar, is a grill by the name of Montreal’s

On their menu.  The Michigan.

It’s very simply a hot dog with sloppy joe sauce and chopped onions. This is not Michigan. I have brought this hot dog contraption up several times in conversations with friends and colleagues everyone is equally aghast.  The cook at the time had no responsibility for the menu and no answers.

Regardless of the offensiveness of referring to this dog as representative of Michigan, to define Michigan as any single dog is folly.  There are two distinct trends between the east and west side of the state.  The coney dog on the east side of the state with two major varieties in the Detroit Style Coney and the Flint Style Coney.  Their most significant differences are in wet vs dry chili sauce and the spice level.  Whereas the west side of the state is increasingly influenced by Yesterdog.

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  1. Cathy said, on February 18, 2010 at 3:17 am

    When I see cheese as an option on a chili dog and hear someone call it a coney, I correct them.

    Welcome to San Diego.

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