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Posted in GRAND RAPIDS by urbanmi on January 31, 2011

It’s probably bad practice for me to throw up a draft of a post for the purpose of having a post this month. I should not do this again.

via Urbanophile and US Census Data. Michigan the only state to lose population from 2000-2010. Also interesting, Detroit’s white population grew this past year.

Grand Rapids was named one of America’s Bleakest Cities by Newsweek. As one of the stronger cities in Michigan, with a downtown that is exciting and revitalizing, this is absurd. The report focuses on population changes and demographics without doing any analysis of the situation within the city. Grand Rapids historically suffers from issues with its younger population leaving for college and not returning but with Grand Valley State University’s continual presence downtown and the recent move of Michigan State University’s medical program to Grand Rapids this trend will shift in the future. Grand Rapids has diverse and flexible industries and is better positioned to survive Michigan’s greater struggles than most other Michigan cities. The population changes reflect economic and employment issues in Michigan in general and not specifically to issues in Grand Rapids.

RapidGrowth has their own, more in depth analysis.

A belated congratulations to Brady Hoke.  I am an alum in full support. Go Blue.

In Grand Rapids, Pomegranate Studios is hosting an event in February with a lot of potenetial:  5×5 Night

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