Posted in POLITICAL by urbanmi on December 11, 2012


Nominally this site strives to be about urban issues, architecture and the urban condition. What is happening right now in Lansing is a disaster

In order for cities to grow, develop and thrive there must be communication and coordination between the citizens, businesses, and the government. Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids demonstrate when these relationships are at there most functional.

What has been happening in Lansing these past several days is terrifying. This is not government, this is not democracy. What the Republicans and Rick Snyder are doing in regards to right to work is Totalitarian. There actions are reprehensible and in violation of everything they were elected to do. There is an assumption we make in elections. That the people we elect hold and protect our interests and will safeguard our livelihood. The Republicans are in direct violation of this pact and are pushing through legislation to destroy unions that, by their design, can not be challenged by the electorate. These actions are a gross overreach of political power. The Republicans are acting in clear violation of the interests of every Michigander, every voter.

This is not an economic argument, this is a political attack. Unions are the strongest supporters of Republican opposition, this is an attack to remove Unions as an electoral factor by castrating Unions.

We elected Rick Snyder over other Democrats and Politicians because he was an outsider. Because he seemed smarter and more responsible than the other candidates. We elected Rick Snyder because he seemed reasonable.

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