Links: or I Need a New Name for These Shares

Posted in DETROIT, GRAND RAPIDS, quick links by urbanmi on November 28, 2010
  • From David Byrne’s Blog (of Talking Heads fame and bicycle enthusiast), a post on biking in the Motor City.
  • A Google Chrome Experiment in partnership with the Arcade Fire, input your address, wait for it to load and watch.  I’ve explored it with a few Michigan cities, interesting for procrastinating.
  • Superfront is conducting a Detroit-centric competition and exhibition.
  • A few maps that can be used for revealing twitter and tech community usage in Michigan. Checkin.to, made by a friend, uses twitter and foursquare. What these maps show about Michigan’s usage is revealing; making it visually clear, Michigan’s lower use of web2.0 technology; conclusions can be drawn about the education levels and creative class population in Michigan cities, bad implications.
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Posted in quick links by urbanmi on October 5, 2010

The Pistons sale could have significant ramifications for where the area’s pro teams play — in Detroit or its suburbs.

If Ilitch owns both the Red Wings and Pistons, he could likely leverage a deal with Detroit and Wayne County officials to finance a new arena in the city because they wouldn’t want him to move the storied hockey team to The Palace in suburban Auburn Hills, where the Pistons play.

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Going through a huge back log of links.  Selections:

Also, I have a very simple wish: RichRod is fired and Michigan man, Jim Harbaugh becomes the Wolverine’s next head coach


Posted in quick links by urbanmi on August 31, 2010
  • The Mittenblog has restarted.  A blog that seems to have a lot of potential.
  • Design Observer has an essay on Detroit’s Urban art scene and pieces with a very good gallery.   They also have a good essay series on Detroit that I will be sharing and commenting upon soon.