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This is probably the type of information I should be sharing on this site as I continue to tweek and figure out what exactly it is I’m trying to do here.

Michigan has some extremely underrated musicians and bands. From this point forward I will give shout outs for some of my favorites.

I First learned about Breathe Owl Breathe back in 2007 when my little brother went to a show of theirs at the Elite Restaurant in Grand Rapids and brought back a handmade CD. Very jealous of this possession. Myself, I had the pleasure of seeing them perform in the summer of 2011 in San Diego opening for Yann Tiersen. They were entertaining throughout the set complete with story time, costumes, and dog barking.

The trio, from East Jordan, Michigan is Micah Middaugh, Trevor Hobbs, and Andréa Moreno-Beals. They are a playful band. Their music, for me, engenders many good feelings and thoughts. With their array of sounds, instruments and fun shows complete with costumes, Breathe Owl Breathe is very much apart of the current indie zeitgeist. Their thoughtfulness both lyrically and musically speak to a longevity for the trio.

Partake in Michigan’s music scene and venues. They are an essential part of a rich urban fabric, and Michigan in general has some hidden treasures. Go see Kalamazoo and Detroit’s Jazz, Ann Arbor’s Folk, Grand Rapids Noise. We have great music cities.

Use our cities.

Live in our cities.

They are our most important assets. It’s time to stop speaking enviously of Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and make our cities destinations. Support them.

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