Posted in URBANISM by urbanmi on July 30, 2012

We want to live in cities.

The era of suburbs being desirable is dying out. These blighted areas with few amenities, services, people have lost their luster. Most of us see them for what they are: costly, inconvenient, unhealthy, isolated.

Suburbs are an ideal. In reality they do not work. In reality we live in exurbs, areas completely disconnected from a core where every road is either a tributary or a river. Stores, work, friends, family, and schools are all far away. Roads replace sidewalks and cars replace people as the chosen for who this place should be made convenient for. We defer to the automobile. Many suburbs do not even bother constructing a sidewalk, announcing to all who foolishly say they wish to live there, that “you shall not walk. You will have no need for feet.”

Fortunately we are shifting back to the city, returning to urban centers as we realize the convenience, the cost, and the amenities. We are learning the environmental consequences of living on the fringes, and we are feeling the economic strains of the lifestyle.

This transition is being marked by many media organizations realizing and celebrating this return. The Atlantic conducts a series on cities. NPR is gathering content for the NPR Cities project.

These projects excite me, they are optimistic, and informative, and cull the content of the web into the relevant information that I am emotionally and personally invested. This is the avenue that local news organizations should be cultivating but are failing.


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