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ArtPrize began yesterday and runs through October 10th.  

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend this year.

Last year the event was exciting and promising; this year will prove to build off of its inaugural success.  It is an event that is fantastic for the promotion and further development of Grand Rapids.  As an event it promotes local, national, and international artists and increases Grand Rapids’ and Michigan’s profile within the region and the art world.

Young Kim, one of the highlights from last year, returns with his piece Salt & Earth.  Go see it, it deserves far more recognition and respect than it previously received.

I encourage you to visit a friends work:

Liz Hazle: ArtPrize entry page

At the Riverview Center 678 Front Ave

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From September 23-25th, Grand Rapids has a Music Festival, Prospecto Music Showcase & Sonic Experience, The festival coincides with ArtPrize, which should heighten its profile.  Prospecto attempts to highlight the growing Grand Rapids Music Scene and promote venues and acts.  The timing with ArtPrize is perfect.  Last year restaurants were flooded in downtown Grand Rapids with visitors looking for evening entertainment.

I believe the event will be successful and I understand the strategy of appealing to a wide variety of music tastes, but I find myself wanting more from any potential festival in Grand Rapids.  More importantly, what incentive do I, as a music fan, have to spend $26 to $60 on a festival that only gives me two or three acts I may be interested in seeing.

In its current from the festival is schizophrenic; it does not promote any particular music scene, hindering the festival’s ability to generate any excitement, particularly in the long term.  How will music fans maintain interest, in the manner of other annual festivals like Pitchfork or Lollapalooza, when Prospecto can’t attract more notable acts by catering to a specific audience, particularly a concert-going, music-loving audience.

Michigan already has several niche music festivals in Rothbury and the Detroit Electronic Music Festival that demonstrate the success of targeting a particular audience. Appealing to a specific demographic would give Prospecto a base to build long term success. When the festival itself is exciting, people will become interested and stay interested.

RapidGrowth has more details on the background of Prospecto

The Prospecto website has details on acts and venues

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