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Kyle Singler’s Trick Shot Video with Detroit as subject and setting.


Andre Drummond needs more playing time.*

Lawrence “Vagina” Frank is giving minutes to Charlie Villanueva. I understand the necessity in carefully developing Drummond through rationed minutes. However, the playing time he receives is absurd. Charlie Villanueva should not be receiving any playing time give Villanueva’s minutes to Drummond. The team is struggling, but I believe that the core of Greg Monroe, Brandon Knight, Tayshaun Prince, Kyle Singler and Andre Drummond is close to being competitive.

His averages and per minute statistics are exciting. With a more consistent offensive game
and a reduction in fouls he could be a monster alongside Monroe.
All he needs is experience and confidence.

The only Argument for continuing to give Drummond reduced minutes is to maintain the status quo of atrociousness and avoid mediocrity in order to maintain favorable draft position. Which I reluctantly endorse.

[*My fantasy team would greatly appreciate this]


Being away from home, the annual Detroit Lions Thanksgiving game
allows me to maintain a connection with tradition and have a holiday that resembles the ones I grew up around. The only disorienting element being the hour I must watch the game. Last year I spent the game in the only business open at 9 am PST, a Mexican restaurant, surrounded by Packers fans attempting to reclaim the same nostalgic experience.I realize the game is an unpopular experience for many with no ties to Michigan and Detroit.

I don’t care.

Thanksgiving is ours.


This NHL season was going to be special for Michigan,
with the annual Winter Classic being held at Michigan Stadium with events held in downtown Detroit. Just as the World Series, All-Star Baseball game, and Super Bowl XXX were great for Detroit, I was expecting and exciting a similar affect for Detroit with the Winter Classic.

Every event that turns and shows Detroit as an exciting setting helps change the narrative of the city.
The events showcase the good.


Many thoughts on the Detroit Tigers. Most are a jumble of disappointed feelings and frustration from the World Series. I am frustrated with the front office’s and Jim Leyland’s distaste for sabermetrics. Advanced statistics work. Smart teams in all sports win games. Smart teams with money win championships.
Old baseball is dead bring in the new.

Despite my position on Sabermetrics I was ecstatic for Miguel Cabrera. Yes his WAR was not as good as Mike Trout, and Yes his season was not as dominant as seasons in the past, and yes RBI’s are a ridiculous and flawed statistic, and yes the Angels won more games than the Tigers. This however does not matter. The MVP award is a semantic argument not a statistical argument. Valuable as a concept and as a label is left up to the voters to determine. I do not mean to argue for Cabrera, but to argue against the concept that advanced statistics can determine what is valuable. They do not measure value.

Despite my position on stats and Cabrera, I was rooting for Justin Verlander. Price had an amazing season. He did not have to carry a team like Verlander. Price did not have the horrendous bullpen of Verlander. Overall Verlander should have won the Cy Young and Trout probably should have won the MVP, yes Cabrera won the triple crown, but no one ever had a year like Mike Trout.


Already, I am excited by the Torii Hunter signing.
For the rest of the off season here is my one concern, hope, and recommendation. Do not spend money on a closer. They are the most mercurial players in sports. One years performance has no bearing on the next [see Bell, Heath; Bailey, Andrew; Valverde, Jose; Rodney, Fernando]. Teams such as the Athletics and the Rays understand this. They do not spend money on closers. Smart teams use a closer’s standout performance one season as a means of tricking stupid teams into giving up money and prospects.

Any pitcher can be a closer.

Dombrowski and Leyland please find any pitcher to be the closer.


Go Wings

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Redwings over Coyotes in 6.

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The Pistons sale could have significant ramifications for where the area’s pro teams play — in Detroit or its suburbs.

If Ilitch owns both the Red Wings and Pistons, he could likely leverage a deal with Detroit and Wayne County officials to finance a new arena in the city because they wouldn’t want him to move the storied hockey team to The Palace in suburban Auburn Hills, where the Pistons play.

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