Go Blue!

Posted in SPORTS by urbanmi on September 5, 2010

Ecstatic after Michigan’s victory yesterday; I felt like this early last season as well.  Michigan prevailed over Notre Dame, and we appeared to be back, and then we learned both Michigan and Notre Dame were bad.  The offense was exhilarating to watch, no mistakes were made and the Wolverines played with heart and confidence that we haven’t seen for two seasons.

We need to temper the enthusiasm.

We should remember last season Michigan started 4-0 before it became clear the offense was still unresolved with no clear weapons and the defense was porous.  Yesterday the defense, particularly the secondary, was lucky Connecticut QB, Zach Frazer, struggled to connect with his targets.  Better offenses in the big ten pose a significant threat, they will exploit those weaknesses.  Denard Robinson is small, and was looking rattled later in the game after some hard hits, larger stronger bodies during the conference schedule will do more damage.

Michigan is improved and has a promising season ahead of them but we are not there yet.

(For the record: I still want RichRod fired.)

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